After a month of running the internship recruitment, TDT received around 300 profiles of candidates from top universities in Hanoi. The online sorting process required candidates to finish the following tests:

  • GMaths test for logical thinking
  • EQ test
  • English test (4 skills)

The selected candidates were invited to an orientation held at the TDT office located in the Keangnam building.


The 23th and 29th Oct orientations occurred with flying colors. These valuable sessions introduced the company core value, overview and went deeper into the main FINTECH products we develop.

Along with that, details regarding the training course and the internship process were discussed by our CEO and Human Resources Manager.

Out of 100 participants, the final 50 signed the internship contract and got into the official internship which kicked off on the 1st of November, 2021.


The first week of training went smoothly with the dedicated lessons from our departments’ managers and support from other key members. Let’s take a look at some of the pictures of the training sessions.

Hopefully, with proper preparations and careful guidance from our trainers, our interns can soon be confident to start working on projects and face real challenges and tasks.

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    One culture - One vision - Moving forward together6 năm là một chặng đường 04/07/2017 - 04/07/2023 tuy không quá dài nhưng mang nhiều ý nghĩa lớn lao là cột mốc đánh dấu sự trưởng thành của TDTHôm nay, TDT vô cùng tự hào về quá trình xây dựng và phát triển vừa qua, một chặng đường với nhiều sự thay đổi lớn về quy mô, vị trí của TDT trên bước đường xây dựng và phát triển.Trong những ngày đầu mới thành lập, TDT đã hoạt động với nhiều khó khăn về mọi mặt nhưng chúng ta đã không quản ngại khó khăn, gian khổ mà làm việc.Trong suốt những năm qua, TDT của chúng ta đã không ngừng đi lên, đạt được nhiều thành tựu trong lĩnh vực hoạt động của mình.Đó là những thành quả lao động rất đáng tự hào và tuyên dương của tập thể Ban lãnh đạo và anh chị em trong công ty. Chính vì điều đó, đã góp phần tạo nên tầm vóc của công ty như hôm nay.Trong tương lai, TDT vẫn sẽ tiếp tục theo đuổi chính sách của công ty, và xem đó là sứ mệnh trong quá trình hoạt động.Hôm nay, TDT muốn chia sẻ niềm vui này đến quý vị cùng với niềm tri ân sâu sắc bằng sự nỗ lực và kiên trì của toàn thể anh chị em trong công ty.Lời cuối cùng, nhân dịp 06 năm thành lập,TDT xin gửi lời cảm ơn chân thành và lời chúc sức khỏe đến toàn thể TDTer.Và hi vọng những bước phát triển vượt bậc đến từ TDT trong giai đoạn tới với mục tiêuOne culture - One vision - Moving forward togetherFrom TDT with love 

    Thì ra lãng mạn không phải là mùa hè Lãng mạn là mùa hè bên TDTer Đến hẹn lại lên một mùa hè nữa lại đến bên TDTer. Cuối tháng 6 chúng tớ đã có chuyến đi 3N3Đ thật đáng nhớ, đầy ý nghĩa bên các TDTer thân yêu. Ở Gold Coast Hotel Resort & Spa đầy nắng và gió, nơi không có deadline, không có meeting căng thẳng, không bug hay trouble, chỉ có những nụ cười và những phút giây cháy hết mình, quẩy nhiệt tình cùng các hoạt động team building đầy ý nghĩa…Nơi chúng tớ thực sự đồng hành, gắn kết cùng nhau, kéo gần khoảng cách và thấu hiểu nhau hơn qua từng câu chuyện chia sẻ, từng hành trình cùng nhau trải nghiệm. Hãy đến với TDT để cảm nhận tinh thần “Làm hết sức - Chơi hết mình”. Còn chần chờ gì nữa, hãy nhanh tay gửi những chiếc CV xinh xắn đến với TDT để có cơ hội quẩy cùng chúng tớ nha. Chúng tớ luôn sẵn sàng chào đón các bạn ở đây:
  • TDT ASIA at iFX EXPO Asia 2023

    TDT Asia is honored to be invited as a partner for organizing this event at the Sing Sing Theater in the bustling city of Bangkok.  Date: 20-22th June 2023 Venue: Bangkok, Thailand. You don’t want to miss out on a night filled with excitement and endless networking opportunities!

    "Phillip Nova Trading Symposium 2023" is a conference focused on the commodities derivatives market. In its fourth edition, the symposium will feature key representatives from global service providers and exchanges such as Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, CME Group, CQG, ICE Futures Singapore, SGX Group, CTCP Chứng khoán Hồ Chí Minh (HSC) & TDT Asia, to provide insights into the market's development and significant milestones for investors.
  • Board of Directors

    There have been some major changes in TDT’s Board of Directors which are expected to lead to great jump of the company in the future. TDT is pleased to announce that Ms. Tran Ngoc Ha Nhu (TDT Asia COO, Co-founder) has been appointed to the Board of Director (BOD) and the following partners on the Board of Directors of CQ TDT Asia. 

    At TDT, besides BA, Dev, BDE, and ITA all need to have KNOWLEDGE about how to run or develop a Fintech project. Therefore, organizing training sessions about financial knowledge and skills in regard to Securities, Forex... is always one of our top priorities.
  • Table Tennis Club

     Although Ms. Ban was busy sewing clothes with gentle rains in late spring, It couldn't extinguish the passionate ping-pong spirit of the TDT brothers to create a wonderful season. The internal table tennis tournament has ended beyond the expectations of the TDT family with beautiful spins, ecstatic ball tournaments or a lineup of potential contestants that bring suffocating and dizzying matches.

     YOU’RE MY FLOWER - HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY  - ​​It's great to be a girl. - Being a girl at TDT is so much better!   Because women are to love - Beauty is to cherish. Women deserve all the best, not just March 8, but all 365 days.    Every girl is like an angel, And every angel deserves to receive the most beautiful flowers or simple but meaningful gifts that will bring joy to the soul, spreading gentle love . So this March 8, what does TDT have? This year too, many activities were organized as special gifts for the other half of the world: Relax with salt soak service, heel scrub massage;  "Renovate" your hands with professional nail technicians;  Make him fall in love with glitter lashes;  Or magic for really poetic hair.  Besides, many other gifts and activities for TDT's sisters will be revealed on the day of the program, let's look forward to the opening of TDT Studio on March 8!    A special day for half of our world - Happy International Women's Day. I would like to send the best wishes and happiness to all of you - the beautiful pink balls of TDT. Wishing TDT's muses always shine confidently, confidently succeed, always be themselves, always happy, full of positive energy with the great family of TDT. 
  • 🔥[TDTERS go everywhere] Japan Trip with USAH Team🔥

    At the end of February, some USAH team members had a business trip combining extremely interesting experiences in Japan. That is the first time you have "accessed" the Bloomberg system (currently TDT is one of the first partners of BBG in Vietnam). It was the first time to be "face-to-face" with leading experts in the Fintech field to share knowledge, experience and skills in working with projects. It was the first time coming to Japan: enjoying Japanese standard Sushi, Japanese Onsen baths, watching snowfall and visiting many famous tourist attractions of Japan.

    On February 28, the first session of Teacher Mr.Minh's THE WAY TO THE TOP OF TDT class took place with the enthusiastic participation of TDTers students.️
  • 🧧Happy new year, good luck moving forward!!🧧

    So the Lunar New Year holiday has ended, TDT Asia's office is vibrant again to welcome all TDTers on the first working day of the new year.

    The Lunar New Year is drawing near and the aroma of Tet is spreading over every single corner of Vietnam. In harmony with the bustling Tet holiday atmosphere, TDT members become more productive in the hope of ending a great 2022 and looking forward to a more fulfilling new year.

    Tet is bustling, the new year comes, while the Tet atmosphere has been in every corner, TDTer are still working hard to ensure the quality of every project.
  • TDT Asia - YEAR END PARTY 2022

    2022 ended with lots of important and memorable milestones. On the evening of January 7th, the TDT Asia’s Year End Party took place at Cuc Phuong Resort - Ninh Bình, with participation of the Board of Directors and more than 200 TDT members. This event brought to all of us such an EXCITING - BRILLIANT - FASCINATING atmosphere.

    2022 has passed with many fluctuations in macroeconomics in general and our home - TDT Asia in particular. A successful business is a business with great inner strength, and that strength is made up of the great people here.
  • TDT - Technical Sharing

    At TDT, learning new things is as important as learning a new programming language. Therefore facilitating an event called “Technical sharing” it’s a weekly activity for TDTers. Not only participants can acknowledge new interesting fields, yet it’s also a bonding experience for us. We came together as a big family, standing in a fun learning environment surrounded with supportive, eager to learn co-workers.