Stock Trading Platform

Our diverse international markets: the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Thailand
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Design trading support system

order matching, connecting with world major stock exchanges such as JPX, NYSE, HKSE, doing transactions of 4000+ stock symbols with international market naming America, Japan and Hongkong.

Process back-office profession of stock companies

Corporate action, deposit/withdraw/transfer stock, oddlot, registration…


24/7 Monitoring, troubles alert within 5 minutes as soon as possible.


Using FIX, REST, API, Websocket standards, connect with Arrowhead, TostNet


High availability , 24/7 Monitoring, audit log storage system, deploy multi-zones.


  • Applying WAF technology of AWS to ensure safety
  • Strange login alert for customers
  • 2 factor authenticator


Professional BA team with optimal solutions for pain points, ensuring customer’s satisfaction

All in one system

Including web trading, mobile app, back office system, report management system and firewall

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With experiences in diverse fields such as financial trading platforms, AI, blockchain, etc, especially developing applications and systems, we believe that collaborating with us is one of the best choices for you.