Last Friday, TDT Asia was honored to be one of 14 famous technology companies participating in Vietnam Mobile Day 2022 organized by TopDev. Our members had an exciting day meeting and exchanging with many young, enthusiastic programmers and listening to interesting topics from leadership speakers in the industry.

We also had the opportunity to promote the brand image, products, and even career opportunities at our company to everyone. We hope that through Vietnam Mobile Day 2022, programmers can not only gain more useful knowledge but also understand more about the workplace culture and attractive career opportunities in TDT.

Let's look back at some memorable moments of TDT Asia at Vietnam Mobile Day 2022!



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    The Lunar New Year is drawing near and the aroma of Tet is spreading over every single corner of Vietnam. In harmony with the bustling Tet holiday atmosphere, TDT members become more productive in the hope of ending a great 2022 and looking forward to a more fulfilling new year.

    Tet is bustling, the new year comes, while the Tet atmosphere has been in every corner, TDTer are still working hard to ensure the quality of every project.
  • TDT Asia - YEAR END PARTY 2022

    2022 ended with lots of important and memorable milestones. On the evening of January 7th, the TDT Asia’s Year End Party took place at Cuc Phuong Resort - Ninh Bình, with participation of the Board of Directors and more than 200 TDT members. This event brought to all of us such an EXCITING - BRILLIANT - FASCINATING atmosphere.

    2022 has passed with many fluctuations in macroeconomics in general and our home - TDT Asia in particular. A successful business is a business with great inner strength, and that strength is made up of the great people here.
  • TDT - Technical Sharing

    At TDT, learning new things is as important as learning a new programming language. Therefore facilitating an event called “Technical sharing” it’s a weekly activity for TDTers. Not only participants can acknowledge new interesting fields, yet it’s also a bonding experience for us. We came together as a big family, standing in a fun learning environment surrounded with supportive, eager to learn co-workers.
  • ❤Health Corner Of Our TDT❤

    Periodic health check is an annual welfare program of TDT Asia aimed at comprehensive health care for employees. Recognizing that human resources are the most important resource of each organization, special attention is paid to the health and spiritual life of each TDTer with the desire to bring the best experiences to employees participating in the program. Recently, we have cooperated with MEDLATEC General Hospital to organize an annual health checkup for this 2022.
  • TDT at Vietnam Web Summit 2022

    TDT Asia is honored to attend Vietnam Web Summit 2022 - Vietnam’s Leading Annual Technology Conference being hosted last Thursday, 8th December 2022, at CTM Palace, 2nd Floor, 131 Nguyen Phong Sac street, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay Dist.
  • TDT ASIA Young Talent Program

    Here is a sneak peek into our TDT Young Talents program training! We are very excited to welcome 23 undergraduate student successfully passed 2 tests of our challenging exams, And officially integrate TDT’s Internship program!
  • TDT Asia Home Sweet Home - PVI Tower

    This is one exciting week for our big family, to reunite as one in our new home sweet home “PVI Office”!!!! Moving to one of the coolest, Grade A office buildings in Hanoi was definitely a grand step for us.
  • TDT Asia has just become the first Certified Integration Partner in Vietnam with Bloomberg

    On August 25th 2022, TDT Asia entered into an "Agreement" in which we became the 1st company in Vietnam and the 103th over the world being the Certified Integration Partner with Bloomberg.
  • TDT Asia in Phillip Nova Trading Symposium 2022

    "Phillip Nova Trading Symposium 2022" is a conference to share about commodity derivatives market. 
  • [5th Birthday] First 5 years - TDT temperament

    July 4, 2022, is a great day for TDT Asia, marking 5 years of non-stop activities of all members at TDT. Let's look back at the memorable moments of this special day.

    From 26/5 to 29/5, TDT had the summer trip to Da Nang - the beautiful coastal city of Viet Nam. With the slogan "GO LIVE GO SEA", all TDT members participated in many interesting activities like Teambuilding, Gala Dinner and visited to many attractions in Da Nang.

    TDT Asia cooperated with Agile Academy in order to organize Pragmatic Scrum course exclusively for team leads, project managers and high-potential employees. While participating in this course, TDTers are trained to gain skills and learn technical software through diverse activities such as case studies, game quizzes, teamwork and testing.
  • CQ TDT Asia’s Matching Engine for trading US stock in Asian time zone

    To meet the growing demand from Asian investors to trade US-listed equities during the Asian time zone, integrated financial house PhillipCapital and Japan’s SBI Group will create a trade matching platform, with which investors can trade over 100 US-listed stocks between 9am and 5pm Singapore time. CQ TDT Asia, as PhillipCapital’s system development company, with the support of SBI Group, will be in charge of developing the matching engine.
  • [Year end Party 2021] Shine bright like a Diamond

    Despite the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic, TDT Asia still shines brightly like diamonds in 2021. We are proud of our important achievements: new products, new markets, and especially the outstanding maturity of all TDT members. Let’s review the impressive moments we had together at the biggest party of the year. Don’t hesitate to inbox us if you want to be a part of TDT Asia family.