2017 marked the establishment of TDT Asia as an IT product-based company with the vision to deliver innovative financial information systems and software for the Asian market in particular and global market in general.

TDT stands out as the only company in Vietnam that specializes in providing financial platforms for our B2B clients from developed countries.



x 2.5

Growth rate





A – Accompany

‘A’ expresses an organization that always accompanies the development of its members. More crucially, we are in this together with sympathy, understanding and solidarity. 

S – Sincerity 

‘S’ in Asia stands for something we believe “cannot be bought or measured with money” (DOUGLAS ADAMS). It is one of the key to the success in workplace. Without a doubt, we desire people who speak with honesty, think with sincerity and act with integrity.

I – Integrity

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” ‘I’ in integrity has always been the motto of all the actions. It has always been the guideline being applied at TDT. 

A – Action 

“A” stands for the actions we make might not remain true or appropriate 6 months from now and we might need to alter later. But the most important thing is still to have Action. An organization can only grow if we always act and are not afraid of taking the wrong step.

“Flat as much as possible, do it if it’s right”

TDT Asia does not have the distinction of position, we team up together, promote maximum capacity and creative ability people our company. With dynamic open and modern working space TDT Asia’s operating model continously changes in order to minimize as much as possible the troublesome and complicated principles to smoothly run and effectively operate.

“Community Based Solutions”

Not only advising customers on solutions to business processes but TDT Asia also focuses on delivering the best solutions to solving social issues , especially in Medical field when creating our products

Inspiring the creation to realize the dreams

Most of us are familiar with the things arround us that we accept obviously. They narrow people’s thinking into arguments, and the old methods making us be inert and prevent new ideas. Don’t you forget that you all have the ability to be creative and TDT Asia is the source of creative inspiration!

It does not matter who you are, where you are from, whatever you do, live with your passion, work hard, dedicate and never stop learning. WITH TDT ASIA, YOU DESERVE!


2003: Graduated from Hanoi University of Technology
2001-2007: SE and PM at FPT Software
2007-2010: Working as SE and PM in Japan
2011-2014: CTO of NextopAsia (Japanese company)
2015: CEO of Nextop Vietnam 2016: CEO of Sofiamedix Vietnam
2017: CEO of TDT Asia Co., Ltd.
Main experiences: System development, system design, financial systems, medical systems, infrastructure systems
Language: English, Japanese


2004: Graduated from Hanoi University
2008: Graduated from Foreign Trade University
2004 – 2008: CEO Assistant at FPT Corp.
2008 – 2015: HR Manager at FPT IS
2015 – 2016: HR Manager at Sofiamedic
2017: COO at TDT Asia Co.,Ltd
Language: English


2015: Graduated from Hanoi University of Technology- Faculty Computer Science
2017: Project Manager at TDT Asia Co., Ltd Main experiences: Backend System Development, System Design, Infrastructure System, Database design, Coding Review
Language: English


2007: Graduated from Academy of Finance – Faculty Accounting
2011: Master of Economic, Finance and Banking – Academy of Finance
2007-2008: General Accountant at AFTC Co. Ltd
2009-2017: Chief Accountant at Woori CBV Securities Corporation
2017-2018: Chief Accountant at NH Securities Vietnam Co. Ltd 2019: CFO of TDT Asia
Main experiences: Tax accounting, Financial accounting, Finance, Investment
Language: English

Our Services

With experiences in numerous fields such as AI, blockchain, offshore, especially developing applications and systems, we believe that collaboration with us is one of the best choices for you


We are dedicated to bring satisfaction and benefits to our customers, complete their IT projects by providing effective, innovative but affordable services, products and adaptive solutions through understanding, sharing and mastering technology.

Forex Trading System

Fintech has become integral to forex in many aspects. Most newcomers to the world of forex trading will not notice this, but those who have been in the game for much longer are sure to account for the changes they have witnessed over time. Acknowledged of forex’s evolution, CQ TDT Asia has early developed forex trading products that equipped today’s trader with secure rapid payments, improved analytics for accurate market charts and trade predictions, ultimately a platform for safer markets and automation technology for higher trading volumes and less risk involved.

Stock Trading Platform

Being the only financial software development company in Vietnam, CQ TDT Asia is proud to provide a full range of products and services related to stock trading namely trading platform, matching engine, monitoring services, etc. with the highest standard of security. Our professional system with outstanding utilities and features satisfies thousands of clients across the globe and is readily trusted by banks, credit unions, financial institutions, international corporations, and other organizations.

Crypto Trading Platform

CQ TDT Asia equipped with the latest technology and knowledge is experienced in developing crypto trading platforms built on institutional grade, NYSE type infrastructure, for the world’s retail and institutional markets. Our products for crypto market are considered the new standard for performance crypto-currency derivatives trading, solving most of current crypto derivatives platform problems such as trading volume, unplanned outages of volatility and trading spikes, frequent maintenance, high fee for spot and derivatives trading. 


Joining in the revolution, CQ TDT Asia delivers technology solutions for operational simplification (enables real-time, multi-party tracking and management of bank guarantees and letter of credit), automated compliance, and faster settlement (benefit from the near real-time, point-to-point transfer of funds between financial institutions, removing friction and accelerating settlement) to deliver tangible business outcomes. Our products with latest technology such as blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence) contribute to sales increase , fraud detection, customer experience improvement, work processes automation and predictive analysis. CQ TDT Asia believes that for those who understand the profound implications of technology in finance, there is no turning back.  

Operating as a core subsidiary of Phillip Capital Group in Singapore, Phillip Securities Japan is covering stock markets of 16 countries all over the world, especially focusing on Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and other ASEAN areas like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. PJ and TDT Asia have been continuously cooperating with each other in financial projects, especially developing the Forex trading system with the most advanced features and utilities.

Phillip Securities Japan

CyberQuote is the worldwide common name of system and software development company within PhillipCapital Group. Established in Singapore in 1996 as a pillar of information security related business, including financial system development and finance related education and support. Having successfully cooperated with each other in many projects, CyberQuotes and TDT promise to be close partners in the future.


Nealle INC is a Japanese company with the mission are connecting the enterprises, business and developing transformation technology between Vietnam and Japan. Nealle has successfully collaborated with TDT in two projects and promised will continue cooperating in the future.

Parking Online

Toyota Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd (TMV) is an automobile Joint Ventures founded in Semtember, 1995. Being one of the first automobile Joint Ventures in Vietnam, Toyota Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd (TMV) never stops making efforts to be “Moving Forward” together with Vietnam. TMV and TDT Asia has cooperated in TMSS and TMV Export project which are management systems for TMV. Besides, TMV discussed with TDT about implementing these systems in mobile applications that promise a great future collaboration between two parties.

TMV Export

The Ministry of Science and Technology is an agency of the Government of Vietnam, performing the function of state management of science and technology, including: scientific research, technological development and innovation activities; Intellectual Property; …

Ministry of Science and Technology

T.B.Tech Co., LTD has been in the IT field as the only software development company of the Tokyo Trading Group since its launch in 1986. T.B.Tech has been focusing on software and system development. T.B.Tech is as known as one of the most secure technology companies in Japan. However, TDT can still meet the strict requirements of T.B.Tech and has being implemented collaborating projects.

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