So as to ensure the human resources’ quality for Fintech projects at TDT Asia, the Internship Program is one of our essential activities in recruiting and training our young and potential human resources.Every year, TDT Asia will have 2 Internship programs in summer and winter to select the potential candidates for the following positions: Developer, Business Analyst and Project Coordinator. 

An internship program at TDT Asia has 2 main stages.

  • Stage 1:  Sharing about specialized knowledge and professionalism
  • Stage 2: On-job training for projects in process at TDT

Program objective: After 2 months, interns will have sufficient knowledge, skills and expertise to become official employees of TDT.

After the summer Internship program, TDT has selected 5 Developers, 3 Business Analysts and 3 Project Coordinators. Surely this will be a quality human resource for the forthcoming projects at TDT Asia.

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