What people are looking for working at any business organization is not only just a scope for learning and development (by accumulating expertise,..), but also a vibrant corporate culture with extracurricular activities. Acutely aware of this, in addition to organizing professional training activities, TDT does organize sports activities for employees. One of which is our football club.

The TDT football club meets every Wednesday and Saturday participating in friendly matches between internal departments. And in particular, in December 2020, TDT participated in the WTF cup 2020 football tournament. The championship was among tech companies in Hanoi and TDT had intensely matches against BackTop, Liforte,…And with the immense support from the club members, we successfully passed the qualification round to enter the final match. Finally, TDT became the champion of WTF Cup 2020.

Football club is always a place for all TDT Asia employees to communicate, connect and understand each other better.

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